About Us

Who we are:

A volunteer residents’ organization committed to promoting the interests of our neighbourhood with a focus on community, neighbourhood character, quality of life, stability and safety.

Among our major activities are real estate development issues, municipal planning and zoning, construction, green initiatives and safety.

What we have done in 2016 and continue to focus on in 2017:
  • Influencing and shaping the City’s new Yonge – Eglinton [Secondary Plan] Blueprint for our neighbourhood.
  • Fighting to restore Toronto residents’ say over development in our city with a focus on the Committee of Adjustment and the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Actively assisting residents with excessive and inappropriate developments – from residential homes to tall and mid-rise towers.
  • Supporting residents with construction issues.
  • Encouraging the preservation and enhancement of the treescape and further greening of the neighbourhood.
  • Increasing awareness and providing education and communication to our community about key urban planning processes and issues.
  • Responding to urgent safety, traffic and noise issues.
How we do it:

By being respectful, constructive, pragmatic and collaborative in our relationships with residents, our councillor, city staff and developers.

By our commitment to provide useful information, contacts and assistance to residents with specific concerns.

By broadening our membership/ volunteer/ board and supporting our causes with an outstanding communications effort.

SERRA has actively supported our community for 50 + years