An online petition: Save the Ontario Tree Seed Facility, in Angus Ontario.

We are sharing this information from Susan Antler, chair, Friends of the Utopia Mill & Park
  • Please consider signing and sharing this online petition to save the Ontario Tree Seed Facility, located in Angus Ontario.
  • For the past 94 years, the Ontario Tree Seed Facility (OTSF) has been responsible for providing the seeds which have populated the forests of Ontario. 
  • On its 90th anniversary a couple of years ago, the OTSF was applauded for its major contribution to Ontario.  
  • Unexpectedly and without any public consultation, the Ontario government made the decision this August to abruptly close the OTSF. 
  • Would you please consider signing and sharing our on-line petition requesting that the Ontario government reconsider this decision, conducting a public consultation process to vision this extraordinary for-the-public-good institution forward?
  • The petition may be found here: kathleen-wynne-save-the- ontario-tree-seed-facility
  • Read the letter sent to Premier Wynne and Minister McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources & Forests, requesting reconsideration.
  • For more information, go to Friends of the Utopia Mill & Park