Enhance your greenspace – resources for residents with green and not-so-green thumbs

Many resources are available to Toronto residents who would like to enhance their greenspace with trees, shrubs, native plants and low maintenance perennials.

Below are some resources offered by the non-profit organization LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests), other local groups, and the City of Toronto.

It’s almost time get those green thumbs ready for some serious planting!

Residents have many options to consider when it comes to enhancing greenspace. Here are some ideas on how you can protect, enlarge and enhance our natural environment:

  • plant a tree in you front or backyard
  • install some low maintenance drought resistant native perennials
  • invest in container gardening t brighten decks and balconies
  • consider  vertical gardens for your decks, balconies and patios
  • try planting a new pawpaw (fruit) tree from LEAF
  • invest in native plants and shrubs that attract birds, butterflies and bees
  • convert lawns to perennial gardens
  • use vertical gardening and climbing vines to enhance privacy fences
  • install water features for the birds to enjoy
  • care for a street or park tree by going to an ‘adopt a street tree or park tree’ workshop
  • start a community garden
  • enhance a laneway with native plants
Below are some links to events, workshops and resources to help get you started.

Programs and Resources by LEAF: Toronto | Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests:

Information Session – Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program and Young Urban Forest Leaders |

Take advantage of LEAF’s backyard tree planting program.

Information about plants, trees and shrubs.

Native Plant Garden Kits:

Ordering Pawpaw trees 

Other Resources:

City of Toronto Website : How to Select and Buy Native Plants

Toronto Balconies Bloom website

Toronto Community Garden Network

Toronto Botanical Garden Adult Education Programs

Toronto Master Gardeners Ask a Master Gardener and other resources

Leaf Calendar of Events