SERRA Neighbourhood News

Public Consultation Meetings on Aviation Noise – hosted by NAV Canada & the GTAA

We would like to acknowledge the work of the Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G) and encourage residents to get involved and support their efforts. T.A.N.G. is tirelessly advocating on your behalf. Please click here to visit the TANG website. Starting in March 2018 there will be several public consultation and... Read More

April 10, 2018 Noise Bylaw Meeting – Notice from the Toronto Noise Coalition

NOISE BYLAW DEVELOPMENT UPDATE (as of March 9, 2018) Thanks to Cathie Macdonald, Co-Chair of the Federation of North Toronto Residents Associations and Member, Toronto Noise Coalition for providing this update. The Noise Bylaw Review Update report will be on the agenda at the next meeting of the Licensing and Standards... Read More
Tall/Midrise Development

18 Brownlow – Notice of Public Meeting January 17, 2018

January 19. 2018 update: Thanks to everyone who came to the public consultation meeting. Read the news article in the South Bayview Bulldog by clicking here. Note: This revised application is for 174-188 Soudan Ave and 71-73 Redpath Ave.... Read More

Tall/Mid-Rise development; How big a deal is development in our area? (Nov 2017)

City planning stated that the Y-E Centre ranks among the densest communities in Canada. At the Y-E centre the population (from a 2016 base)  is expected to grow by more than 100% (from 20K to 44K) and in the Y-E Secondary Plan area by more than 50% (from 61K to... Read More
Tall Replacement Homes

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

A pilot project to establish design guidelines for a mature urban neighbourhood has been recently completed in the Long Branch area. This area faces many similar challenges to those in SERRA. To find out more about the results of this study, click here. The Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines aim... Read More

Residents Achieve First Win at TLAB!

Homeowners wishing to develop a residential property may request a minor variance from the city’s planning bylaws through the Committee of Adjustment. In the past, if the application was refused, the owner would appeal this decision to the OMB. As of this summer the OMB no longer acts as the... Read More

An online petition: Save the Ontario Tree Seed Facility, in Angus Ontario.

We are sharing this information from Susan Antler, chair, Friends of the Utopia Mill & Park ___________________________________________________________ Please consider signing and sharing this online petition to save the Ontario Tree Seed Facility, located in Angus Ontario. For the past 94 years, the Ontario Tree Seed Facility (OTSF) has been responsible for providing the... Read More

Toronto Parks and Forestry initiative: Every Tree Counts

The city has set a goal of a 40% tree canopy (we are now at 28%) and has a robust plan for planting in public spaces. However, since there is a limited supply of public property, the city encourages the planting of young trees on private property. Toronto’s urban forest... Read More