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Have you been following the NoToBrownlow campaign?

SERRA has formed a Party to fight this development at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Here are some of the key points:

  • The north side of Soudan and part of Redpath Avenue have been purchased by a developer who plans to put up two 24-storey rental towers on a four-story podium that will stretch along the north side of Soudan Avenue from Redpath to Brownlow Avenues – and abutting the townhouses on Redpath.
  • The development represents more than 360 rental units, but with insufficient provision of parking and little regard for traffic flow and shadow impact.
  • The City has designated part of the site for parkland dedication, which the development has not adequately addressed.
  • This development offers no appropriate transition to the low rise houses on the south side of Soudan and the townhomes on Redpath. On the Soudan side there will be a massive three-storey podium – almost a wall — across the street from modest two-storey homes. On Redpath, one of the towers will be directly abutting the townhomes. And on Brownlow one of the towers will directly block the existing rental building at 18 Brownlow, owned by the same developer.

The City is strongly opposed to this development and is a Party, along with SERRA, at the full 9-day OMB hearing beginning July 31st.

SERRA has had to hire a lawyer and planner to help us fight this development. Working with professionals at the OMB costs money – a lot of money!

We’ve set up a website with more information and encouragement to donate.

Go to our website and hit the Donate button.