Response to NAV CANADA by the Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) Dec 22, 2017

Many thanks to the Toronto Aviation Noise group for providing this update and for their work on behalf of residents in Davisville Village, South Eglinton and the larger Midtown area.

Please visit the Toronto Aviation Noise Group’s website for an details regarding the outcome of the Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) meeting, which took place on December 6, 2017.

Members of the T.A.N.G. board are planning on meeting with federal MPs in our the Midtown area to ensure that they are well aware of the situation seek for their assistance.

Helios Report: T.A.N.G.s has responded to NAV CANADA’s response (to the Helios report).  Details can be found on the T.A.N.G website

On the website , you will also see:

The original Helios’ report

NAV CANADA’s response to the the Helios report

Residents’ Air Noise Group of Oakville’s (RANGO’s) response to the the Helios report

 The GTAA presented it’s 5 year Noise Management Action Plan (at the December 6, 2017 Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) meeting)Click here to read the document:  GTAA’s 2017-2037 Noise Management Action Plan

To see the video or to access the materials from the Dec 6th meeting click here (then either click on the video or any of the links in the additional materials section.

T.A.N.G. will also be submitting a response to the plan.

It appears that we are not the only ones with an issue with the GTAA. Read about it in recent news reports here in this Dec 16, 2017 article from the Mississauga Cries Foul, Votes to Halt Negotiations with Airport Authority