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Reporting Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) Infractions, Pot Holes, Graffiti and Dry Cutting

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Reporting With SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix is a 311 request and work management app bridging the communication gap between residents and their local governments.
SeeClickFix works on three basic principles:
• Empowerment. Anyone can report a problem as soon as they see it by downloading the SeeClickFix app on their smart phone, or by using their home computer, and following a few simple steps. The idea is to make it easy and fun to see, click and fix.
• Efficiency: Two heads are better than one, and hundreds of heads — and eyes — are better than two. The city can never be in as many places as its citizens. Reporting issues through a dedicated forum allows us to recognize patterns evolving in a particular area, make conclusions about them and develop stories.
• Engagement: People who make the effort to report even minor issues and see them fixed are likelier to feel more engaged in their community, a self-reinforcing loop that everyone benefits from.”
Jack Lakey, The Fixer, Toronto Star. Oct. 19, 2012
311 Toronto connects to SeeClickFix and allows reports of graffiti and potholes to flow directly into its database. Staff keeps a close eye on other city-related problems by monitoring reports on SeeClickFix at night, when the volume of calls and online reports to 311 is lower.
From our experience, while our local 311 monitors the SeeClickFix site, it only deals with some issues, e.g., potholes, graffiti, water main breaks. Tree infractions are not a priority.

SeeClickFix Categories:

City of Toronto (reports of issues go directly to 311)

• Graffiti on a City bridge, City litter bin, City road, City sidewalk, Private property
• Report minor pothole damage

Community (catch all for other issues)

• Post to neighbours
Site users can upload pictures, comment and report anonymously.

Get instructions for registering and reporting infractions to SeeClickFix

Reporting With Toronto 311

Information for reporting to  311 Toronto can be found on the Toronto 311 webpage.