April 10, 2018 City of Toronto Meeting – Noise Bylaw Review – Have your Say!

Important information from the Toronto Noise Coalition:

The City of Toronto is looking at changing the Noise Bylaw: Watch the April 4 CityNews coverage here:  City looking to overhaul noise bylaw – CityNews Toronto

There is a meeting about the NOISE BYLAW REVIEW REPORT at:
9.30 am, Tuesday, April 10
Licensing and Standards Committee – Committee Room 1 at City Hall
Here is how you can get involved:

We are making progress!  The Municipal Licensing and Standards report acknowledges a number of important issues the TNC and others have been voicing concern about over the past 36 months. It states “The NWG (Noise Working Group, which included the Toronto Noise Coalition) meetings highlighted a number of outstanding issues that require further exploration, such as the effectiveness of the general prohibition, challenges with the point of reception measurement, and whether the exemption permit process can effectively mitigate the impact of noise.”

Our work must continue. The report acknowledges the complexity of regulating noise in our City and recommends additional research and consultation with a report on proposed changes to the Noise Bylaw by the third quarter of 2019. We must make effective use of this this time and remain active and vigilant.

On April 10, help reinforce the importance developing a noise bylaw that effectively protects us from excessive noise.

ATTEND THE LICENCING AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING – Committee Room 1 at City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto at 9:30 am.

MAKE A DEPUTATION – Inform the Committee Clerk (email by noon on Monday April 9th, that you wish to speak. You will have 3 minutes to tell your story and advocate for better noise control and enforcement.

EMAIL A LETTER to to the Licensing and Standards Committee. (Chair, Cesar Palacio, and members Jon Burnside, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Frank Di Giorgio, Jim Karygiannis, and Frances Nunziata)

Some points to consider:

Support the need for further study and consultation, proposed in the March 28, 2018 ML&S report for the development of an effective new noise bylaw.

Reiterate that the protection of the health and quality of life for all those living, working, studying and playing must be the first consideration for a Noise Bylaw.

Emphasize that the City must expect noise makers to be responsible for mitigating the noise at the source.

Recommend that the next steps in the review process include facilitated discussions where industry and TNC/residents can work co-operatively to help develop regulations and mitigation strategies that work for both.

Advocate for an adequately funded enforcement program that includes escalating fines to discourage offenders and a “Priority Response Model” that responds to complaints in a timely way.

Ask that consultations regarding best practices include New York City’s noise bylaw program, with their experts advising on experiences and methods.


Read March 28, 2018 Noise Bylaw Review report (April 10, 2018 LS24): Agenda Item History – 2018.LS24.1.

 What the report covers

The report acknowledges the complexity of regulating noise in our City, where excessive noise from activities such as construction and amplified sound can affect the people who live and work here. It provides a summary of the work accomplished to date and sets out the next steps for the review of Municipal Code, Chapter 592, Noise By-Law.

What the report recommends

The report recommends further work to resolve outstanding issues, with a report by the third quarter of 2019 with recommended changes to the Noise By-law. Included will be additional research to understand issues from the public, procuring an independent acoustical engineering firm to provide a technical review of the current and proposed Noise By-law, better understanding of best practices of other municipalities, as well as the feedback collected from members of the NWG, developing new enforcement procedures and budgetary requirements for ML&S resulting from the reduced role of police resulting from the Toronto Police Transformational initiative, as well as reviewing budgetary impacts etc. It will also work closely with Toronto Public Health, which is developing a Noise Management Action Plan for the City.

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