August 19, 2020 Important Community Update

The Roehampton Hotel is now being used as a temporary homeless residence.
What does that mean for the community?

Residents are invited to join a Community Engagement Session on August 19 from 6-8 p.m. to discuss the opening of the Roehampton Residence with City Staff.

Below is the flyer with information about the Meeting, which will be held via phone call. The link to the online session and the call-in number will be available at the following website one hour before the session is set to begin: The session will be recorded and available after the session at the same website.



Background Information:

  • City of Toronto staff signed leases for two shelter sites in the Yonge and Eglinton area: There is a transitional housing site at 55-65 Broadway and what the City calls a “physical distancing” shelter site at 808 Mount Pleasant.
  • To date there has not been any notice to the community; however as soon as Councillor Josh Matlow was made aware of this, he requested that the General Manager of Shelter, Support and Housing Administration and senior City Staff to explain what their public engagement strategy was going to be.
  • Due to the State of Emergency declaration no public notice or information was circulated to the community. Councillor Matlow asked that a mailer be sent out to the public ( through Canada Post). The mailer will include Information about the sites and relevant contact details, along with details about a community meeting. City Staff have agreed and residents can expect to be receiving a mailer in their mailbox soon.
  • Councillor Matlow has communicated specific safety concerns of our community to City Staff and requested that the community meeting be held with information and a plan which specifically address each valid safety concern raised by residents.
  • Councillor Matlow has also been calling the local school council chairs, daycare operators, condo boards, tenant associations, local resident associations, BIAs, business owners, and local residents to share what information he has about the shelters. He has also requested that the City organize a stakeholder group to ensure that these stakeholders from our community are invited directly to the table with City staff.


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Davisville Village Planning – Town Hall Meeting

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Virtual Town Hall 2020 – Invitation to Non-Members

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