Davisville Apartment Neighbourhood Survey


As you are likely aware, the neighbourhood is currently facing 8 new developments at 265 Balliol, 155 Balliol, 22 Balliol, 30 Merton, 140 Merton, 274 Merton, 141 Davisville and 1951 Yonge. Those projects might not all proceed as currently proposed, but it is very likely that something tall will be built at each of those locations, especially with the response of the province to the Midtown in Focus Plan (allowing much higher towers and at more locations). If and when those 8 developments were to be completed, we forecast the neighbourhood to grow to 15,000 residents (2016 Canada Census was 9.000 residents).

In addition we have identified another 16 locations in that neighbourhood, where tall buildings could be proposed and we are aware that a number of those locations will see applications in the near future.

SERRA has opposed most of these developments as currently proposed and has registered as a “party” at the OMB appeals for 5 applications (along with the TDSB). Our strategy has been to 1) request that the OMB review the cumulative impact of the concurrent applications in the neighbourhood (vs only the “site specific impacts”) and 2) to request that additional community services and facilities be provided directly by the developer, via Section 37 and 42 provisions or as part of the City capital budget.

We would like to make sure that we receive input from the residents in the community about what they perceive as the community “needs” and for that purpose have developed a short survey:

Click here for the Davisville Apartment Neighbourhood Survey


Community Consultation – 537 Eglinton Avenue East

This application proposes to amend City of Toronto Zoning By-law to permit a 23-storey (72.6 metre) high residential building with a 7-storey base building that measures 23.1 metres in height. The proposal contains a total of 128 dwelling units and a total gross floor area of 9,073 square metres, resulting in a density of 16.58 times the lot area. A total of 37 vehicular parking spaces are proposed in two levels of underground parking. City … Read more

The Midtown Working Group asks local residents to support the new vision for Canada Square development.

A new Midtown Town Centre vision for the Canada Square site at Yonge and Eglinton has been developed by the Midtown Working Group and endorsed by Midtown Councillors Josh Matlow, Mike Colle and Jaye Robinson. This vision is a once-in-a-century legacy city-building opportunity on City-owned land, for what will soon be the second most significant transit hub – right in the middle of Toronto. The Town Centre will provide sorely needed education, childcare, affordable housing, … Read more

How to make a submission to City Council and Committees – Instruction Guide

We have had many questions related to how to make a submission to the scheduled meetings for Canada Square. Council and committee meetings are scheduled with a system called TMMIS that can be found on the City’s website or just type ‘TMMIS’ into Google search. So we have prepared a quick tutorial. Read the instruction Guide here  

The Future of Yonge and Eglinton’s Canada Square: Supporting Midtown Existing and Future Residents’ Quality of Life

City Planning has completed its Special Study Area Report with Guiding Principles following working group meetings with residents’ groups supported by an inter-Divisional staff team.   You can find a copy of the planning department’s report at this link: Get Report For Action   Next Steps The Zoning By-law Amendment application for the Canada Square site was submitted to the City on December 21, 2020. The community consultation process with the broader community was put … Read more