Davisville Neighbourhood Survey Results (2019)

In September 2019, with the help of Terry Mills, Arris Strategy Studio, our SERRA Tall/Mid-rise WG team prepared a Davisville Neighbourhood Survey.

The survey was our way of gathering information from residents about various services and facilities and if they view them as a “Must Have” or lower priority. The survey questions and graphics prepared by Terry Mills were used on the survey boards we had provided at the SERRA Annual General Meeting, in May 2019, and at the Davisville Community Festival, hosted by Councillor Josh Matlow in September 2019.

An on-line version of the survey and hard copy was also available for residents to complete. To view the survey questionnaire click here.

Residents visiting the SERRA information booth during the Davisville Village Community Festival, hosted by Councillor Josh Matlow / September 2019.  Photo Credit Jeff McIsaac


With so much development in our neighbourhood, the challenge is to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of existing residents and those who have yet to move into the community once developments are completed.

Our goal is to use this input from residents to help guide neighbourhood priorities during the planning process, in order to ensure the Davisville neighbourhood continues to be livable and enjoyable for everyone.

Detailed Survey Results:

The complete survey results can be found in this link:  Davisville Tower survey – Final Summary Oct 8, 2019


Survey participants were asked to rate each area with either a “Must Have” or “Not a Priority.” Online surveys included the option for a rating of “Maybe.”

The chart below illustrates the items rated as “Must Have” by the survey participants. For example, more participants felt that having grocery stores within walking distance was more important than adding a new park outside the neighbourhood.

This Chart Illustrates the Number of “Must Have” Ratings for Each Category from the Davsiville Neighbourhood Questionnaire.


Top Four Priorities

Greater than 75% of respondents believe these are the top priorities for the neighbourood:
1) Ensure the presence of a good size grocery store within walking distance
2) Create new park space inside the neighbourhood with playground activity areas
(green space next to Sobeys is a developer owned property)
3) Ensure enough public-school facilities WITHOUT bussing
4) Local small shops

Other Important Items:

5) Outdoor seating at regular intervals
6) Ensure planned Davisville Community Centre aquatic/gym) is built
7) Preserve and add to safe and well-lit mid-block connections (such as Al Green Lane)
8) Create more community services/public health facilities (young families, seniors, new immigrants)
9) Add bike lanes
10) Widen Davisville subway platforms
11) Widen sidewalks (i.e. north side Balliol)
12) Construct our own Davisville library/study hall


More than 50% of respondents mentioned these items as being a high priority:
1) Daycares within walking distance (few residents in Davisville own cars)
2) create more privately owned, but publicly accessible spaces (called POPS)

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SERRA’s 2020 AGM postponed

Due to COVID-19 we have postponed our 2020 AGM. The SERRA AGM was originally scheduled for May 11th, 2020, however due to social distancing requirements we cannot accommodate a meeting at this time. The new date for our AGM will be announced as soon as possible.