Please support the growth plan for our community and write to Queen’s Park – Until November 29, 2018

Write to the Minister in support of (OPA 405) Midtown In Focus.


Our community deserves responsible growth!

In July, after 3 years of consultations, workshops and reviews, City Council approved a new planning blueprint for our Y-E area called “Midtown In Focus” (MIF).

As we learned with the redrafting of our city ward boundaries, the provincial government has almost total power over municipal matters and so, the MIF Proposal has to be approved by the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The MIF was submitted to the province as Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 405.

The province has its own processes and is now conducting public consultation on OPA 405 until November 29, 2018 through a posting on the Ontario government’s Environmental Bill of Rights registry. The good part is that your voice will be heard.

It is very important that you demonstrate your support for our community. Tell the Minister that for too long, provincial rules have favoured developers over people. Please let him know that this plan needs to be approved so that growth occurs much more responsibly and to ensure that:

  • Social services such as childcare, seniors’ supports, and youth recreation programs are in place to support residents’ quality of life
  • Green space, public squares, community centres, are provided to make Yonge-Eglinton a more liveable neighbourhood
  • Hard infrastructure, such as pipes and wires, are adequate to make our community work in the long term
  • New transit options, including single-fare express buses on major north-south routes, are created to relieve pressure on the overcrowded Yonge subway line


To read our letter the the Minister please click on this link.

How to have your voice heard:

Please submit your comments online by following the directions provided here: Please click here … Support your Community!

You can then email the same comments directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, at

You may also submit your comments by writing directly to:

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Municipal Services Division
Municipal Services Office – Central Ontario
777 Bay Street, Floor 13
Toronto ON, M5G 2E5

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