SERRA Residents – ACT NOW! Ontario Bill 108

More Homes, More Choices? Instead it’s RESTORING THE OMB AND MUCH WORSE


The Ontario Government introduced Bill 108, an omnibus piece of legislation, that is really 13 bills in one, which threatens existing and well considered municipal and provincial planning acts.

Here are the major changes that will hit cities like Toronto and especially neighbourhoods like Yonge Eglinton and Davisville very hard!

1) The OMB is back (but made even worse)!

With the return of the undemocratic, unelected Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), the province again is overriding municipal jurisdiction that establishes and enforces municipal planning regulations. But it will be even worse because now it will be possible for the “new OMB” to override heritage designations and allow developers to appeal to the “new OMB” even before the City has adequate time to review and consult on a new development.

2) Principal of “Growth pays for Growth” under attack:

Currently, developers when proposing new developments pay several types of development charges, to fund necessary upgrades of infrastructure, additional parkland and needed community services such as day cares and new community centres. This principal of “Growth pays for Growth” is central to maintaining healthy and liveable communities.

Bill 108 is proposing to relieve developers to an as yet unknown extent from having to pay these charges for necessary community upgrades … and guess who will have to pick up the tab … WE, the taxpayers, while the developers laugh all the way to the bank!

3) Lack of consultation:

The bill has been introduced without ANY prior consultation and only one month provided for all of us to comprehend and comment on this legislation. In addition, many of the necessary regulations for this bill have not been released, making it difficult to estimate financial impacts of this legislation to taxpayers like us.

It makes a mockery of Premier Ford’s mantra of “Listening to the People.”

More information on Bill 108:

For additional information on Bill 108, please find commentary from Gregg Lintern, City of Toronto Chief Planner, as presented to the City Councillors:

Also, please find information on the actual Bill 108:


Please visit, call, and write to the Premier, Steve Clark, the Minister of MMAH, and our Midtown Conservative MPP, Robin Martin (Eglinton-Lawrence), ASAP and tell them to:

1) extend the consultation period for this bill by at least six months and offer opportunities for thoughtful consultation.
2) unequivocally oppose the return of the undemocratic and unelected OMB
3) ensure that funds that pay for required hard infrastructure, parks, playgrounds, community spaces, and other needed services and facilities continue to be funded by the development industry.

Please act and encourage everyone you know to act too.

Premier Doug Ford
Constituency office: 823 Albion Rd., Etobicoke, ON M9V 1A3
Tel: 416-745-2859

Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Constituency office: Suite 101-100 Strowger Blvd., Brockville, ON K6V 5J9
Toll Free: 1-800-267-4408
Tel: 613-342-9522

Robin Martin, MPP Eglinton-Lawrence
Constituency office: 2882 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON M6B-3S6
Tel: 416-781-2395

*** Please share this information with your friends and neighbours.

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