Tall Tower / Mid-rise Development in the SERRA area – June 2018

By Andy Gort

What tall/mid-rise developments are currently cooking in SERRA land and how are we doing on capacity of our “pipes and wires” infrastructure and needed Community Services (schools, libraries, daycares, rec centres, etc.)?


We could have 14,500 more residents in SERRA neighbourhoods!

Capacity Pressures Continue

We thought things would have gone quiet after the rush of development applications last year, with developers scrambling to have their applications grandfathered under the permissive Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) regime.

But so popular seems to be our area that another 3 development applications have just been submitted; One at 2100 Yonge St (NW corner of Yonge and Manor) for a 11-storey mid-rise (next to Sammy’s garage), a second one at 276-290 Merton (close to Mt pleasant) for a 16-storey building and a third at 96-131 Balliol for a 24-storey condominium. City planning will review all three of them against the newly proposed (and tougher) Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan regulations and it appears that developers are paying attention to at least some of the new planning regulations.

However, we also still have 8 legacy applications in the review pipeline with 6 of those already having appealed to the old-style OMB. Some of these will be quite controversial such as 265 Balliol and 141 Davisville in the Davisville apartment neighbourhood. Referred to as “infill” developments, they are proposed on the little bit of green space left adjacent to existing apartment towers.

Also controversial is a proposed 2 tower development (34 and 25 storeys) on the NE corner of Davisville and Yonge. The ultimate design of that development seems to be still in flux, which means that it could be a few years away before the start of construction. It will also be located immediately next to the Davisville School.

See the chart below for a complete listing of recently completed (since 2016), approved and “under review” developments with some telling statistics about how many units (about 8,500) and residents (approx. 14,500) will be joining the SERRA catchment.




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