Tall Homes

585 Hillsdale Ave. project stopped for now

SERRA supported a group of 50 well-organized residents to support their win at 585 Hillsdale. The proposed development application was to tear down a small apartment building, sever the lot and build two very large Tall Homes. The Committee of Adjustment disapproved the proposal. We just learned the developer is appealing the case.

However, this initial win shows the power of an organized group of residents. We will continue to work together to stop this ugly, inappropriate development from happening.

Three residents helped organize the rest of the street. Many thanks to Bartek (Bart) Plocienniczak, Andrew Pagel, and Ellen Demidov. Thank you!

Andrew summarizes the events leading up to the committee hearing here:

“There are many communities in the city that have followed up and stood their ground for responsible community development and have achieved positive results. Davisville residents need to put a voice on their community and help the developer’s come to a desirable conclusion that we can all live with. Responsible development is always welcome.

As in the case at 585 Hillsdale Ave E. The developer did not receive a favorable response from the Committee of Adjustment. The committee agreed along with the local residences (50 plus strong on the street) that the development was inappropriate and not in the best interest of the subject property. This had become a win / lose situation that could have become a “win/win” for all should the development been closer to the required local zoning bylaws and received the support of residents. Additional support to residents at the Committee of Adjustment was Al Kivi a SERRA member who also made a strong presentation on the behalf of residents. Also a strong letter of opposition came from councilor Josh Matlow. Thank-You both for your time and support.

In regards to residential redevelopment being measured by win or lose at the Committee of Adjustment is a loss for all. Development is going to happen one way or another. Respectful, sensible redevelopment can be a “win win” for the developer and community. The goal is that we all score and that our future community shows positive growth development for the next 100 years for others to enjoy.

Most developer’s are of the mindset to maximize profits at all costs no matter what the local community feels, while more experienced developers have learned to work with the community as their own interest are a stake as they will move on to their next project in the same area. Making friends at the community level can be very rewarding and have long-term development potential with the support of local residents.

The “over building” of residential lots within the SERRA boundaries needs to be addressed in a respectful manner in the future or come to a halt. It is time that we take back our community from the blight of self-indulgent developers that feel they have a sense of entitlement. It’s time they learn to work with the community.”