Tall Homes

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

A pilot project to establish design guidelines for a mature urban neighbourhood has been recently completed in the Long Branch area. This area faces many similar challenges to those in SERRA. To find out more about the results of this study, click here.

The Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines aim to ensure that future development within this community is undertaken in a manner which is sensitive and generally consistent with the existing physical character of the neighbourhood.

The framework of the guidelines is based on six themes:

(1) height and massing; (2) building elements; (3) driveways and garages; (4) setbacks and landscape; (5) special features; and (6) heritage.

The work from the studied pilot areas (Long Branch) will be used as a guide for other neighbourhoods in the city to use to complete their own “Neighbourhood Character Guidelines Template.”

If you would like to learn more about this project and its relevance to SERRA, please contact us at tallhomes@southeglinton.ca