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Residents Achieve First Win at TLAB!

Homeowners wishing to develop a residential property may request a minor variance from the city’s planning bylaws through the Committee of Adjustment. In the past, if the application was refused, the owner would appeal this decision to the OMB. As of this summer the OMB no longer acts as the appeals body for minor variances and consents (lot severances). Residential appeals are now handled by the city-administered Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB).

A recent case at 598 Soudan Ave. was refused at the Committee of Adjustment. SERRA worked with a large group of local residents organized to oppose the proposal.

This committee decision was appealed by the owner, and the appeal hearing was held at the TLAB on September 15, 2017. SERRA appeared at the hearing to oppose the appeal along with a group of residents.

The TLAB adjudicator agreed with the arguments SERRA and the residents presented. The appeal was denied. The TLAB supported the original refusal decision, as issued by the Committee of Adjustment.

This was an important win for residents as it provides an example of the new TLAB approach working to support the decisions made by the Committee of Adjustment.