Tall Midrise

SERRA’s Legal Defence Fund

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In the SERRA area alone over the last few years there have been 18 large scale development applications (20 tall towers, 3 mid-rise and 2 schools).

  • 4 developments are completed (5 towers and 1 school)
  • 4 developments are under construction process ( 3 towers and two mid-rise)
  • 3 developments are approved, but awaiting construction (5 towers)
  • 3 developments have been appealed to the OMB (3 towers and one mid-rise)
  • 4 developments are in the City planning approval stage (4 towers and 1 school)

In addition there are a number of additional developments at the discussion stage

Almost all developments are appealed by the developers to the OMB and often SERRA is now at the OMB, together with the City solicitor/planner, and with the support of Councillor Josh Matlow. When we represent the community, many times we incur legal expenses so we now have a legal fund.

One of the worst examples of a current OMB action is 18 Brownlow/200 Soudan. Next on the list is a very problematic development by the Times Group for Davisville and Yonge (1951 Yonge St.), which SERRA strongly opposes and which will also likely end up at the OMB.

If you support our OMB activities, please consider adding a donation to your membership contribution for our Legal Defence Fund.