Tall Midrise

Tall/Mid-Rise development; How big a deal is development in our area? (Nov 2017)

City planning stated that the Y-E Centre ranks among the densest communities in Canada.

At the Y-E centre the population (from a 2016 base)  is expected to grow by more than 100% (from 20K to 44K) and in the Y-E Secondary Plan area by more than 50% (from 61K to 95K). The SERRA area is wholly inside and comprises the largest part of the Y-E area. By 2025 there will be at least 34,000 more people in our midtown area. This projection only includes known applications, and every month new ones are being submitted.

In the SERRA area alone, “post Minto” (our first tall towers at Y-E) development  has brought us more than 20 big projects, including more than 25 towers, yielding in excess of 8,000 units with an estimated value of well over $3B. So far new residents have moved into only three of those 20+ projects so the full impact of the increasing population has not yet been felt.

In our last newsletter, we highlighted development activities in the Soudan apartment neighbourhood  (link to last week’s newsletter for 18 Brownlow). However, new development is also very active in the Davisville apartment neighbourhood with five active applications, one of which was just appealed to the OMB.

New development (three projects) is occurring along Yonge at Davisville and Yonge and farther north at Manor (on the west side).

Lastly, two projects are active along Eglinton between Mt. Pleasant and Bayview (north side), as well as a 44-storey tower project at the site of the Roehampton Hotel on Mt Pleasant.